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What I Wish I Knew about Engaging Your Clients

Looking for a totally unique way to engage your members, clients or even your staff?  Talk to Marty about your own edition of What I Wish I Knew. He’s already done books with Fitness First, Royal College of Nursing Australia and cancer charity Tour de Cure.

What your brand needs to learn from Richard Branson, Steven R. Covey, and Tony Robbins

How to stop wasting marketing dollars on ‘interruption advertising’ and start deeply engaging your target market with book (aka an ‘ad’ they’ll WANT to read.)

Businesses flood the market with everything from TV commercials to viral campaigns to radio and much more. Even the most conservative estimate says we are exposed to over 1500 advertising messages a day (99.9% of which we ignore). And even the ads we love only keep our attention for as little as 30 seconds for a TVC down to 0.5 seconds for a tweet. One top of that consumers these days are so marketing savvy that the Gruen Transfer, a show that openly dissects how advertising works, rates over 1.5 million viewers each week.

However, there is a way to wrap your brand message in a vehicle that is both engaging to produce, and valuable to experience. And it’s something the worlds best marketing minds have been doing for years to promote their personal brands, products and services. Publishing your own book will make you stand out from the predictable and conventional. It will add a deeply personal touch and a longevity to your message that is unachievable with any other medium.

Your book isn’t the product, it’s a targeted marketing strategy for the product.

When you air a 30 second TVC you don’t expect the consumer to go into a store and buy your ad. So stop thinking of a book as a product, think of it as a way of attracting enthusiastic customers into the top of your marketing funnel so you can use permission marketing to sell them more expensive products and services down the line.

Richard Branson’s books are an ad for his Virgin brand. “Awaken the Giant Within” has always been a marekting tool for Tony Robbins’ audio programs, which are in turn ads for the live seminars where he really makes his money. And Steven R. Covey’s bestseller “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” isn’t an end unto itself, it’s the top of the funnel for the mulit-billion dollar Franklin-Covey Empire.

Know, Like, Trust

‘We buy from people/brands we know, like and trust.’ Here’s 5 reasons why your very own book will do a better job achieving this than traditional media

1. Time – getting them to know you

– How much time do you spend looking at a TV commercial or press ad – even one you really like? Compare that with how much time you spend interacting with a great book that really grabs you.

2. Engagement – getting them to like you

– This is why almost every successful businessperson on the planet has either published a biography or is writing one. Once people spend a bit of time in their company, they feel they know the person and begin to like that person – which leads to incredible loyalty to their personal brand. Why not take advantage of this for your product or service?

3. Adding value to consumers lives – getting them to trust you

– The perceived value of books in the marketplace is incredibly high. Being given access to life enhancing advice by a brand we already know and like will tip consumers over into that vital area of trust. For example I’m talking to an airline about doing a What I Wish I Knew about Travel. This shows how their brand messages then become an engaging addition to people’s lives, not an annoying interruption. Then, of course, loyalty and therefore sales follow.

4. Better value for your marketing budget

Compare the cost of a 30 second TVC with the value you get from a gorgeous book sitting for years on the coffee table of a carefully targeted group of people. You can start to understand why some of your marketing budget should be shifted away from traditional advertising which is here today, gone tomorrow, and towards producing a custom published book that clients will truly engage with and hang onto for years to come.

5. Better value for your promotions budget

There’s only so many coffee mugs, golf umbrellas and glow in the dark frisbees we can get before they become boring and commoditised. Books are the ultimate brand calling card. They result in greater visibility, enhanced credibility, a longer lasting impression and a deeper engagement with your target markets.

What I Wish I Knew about your Brand Value Proposition

An employee and consumer engagement exercise all rolled into one

1. Make Your Staff and Your Target Market the Star:

The great thing about the What I Wish I Knew format is that your consumers and your staff are in the book with you. (Something Richard Branson’s ego has never allowed him to do!). The “Call for Entries” is an incredibly engaging exercise in and of itself. Being seen to say to your customers and employees “You have wisdom we value enough to put into a book” is incredibly engaging and makes them all feel part of a community.

2. Increase brand awareness and credibility

By distributing your book in bookshops (physical and online!) and by placing it into other untapped business channels like schools, universities, corporate sales, conferences)

3. Generate income to support or even cover the cost of the book

Pre-selling it to corporate sponsors, distribution partners or even individuals in the book. There’s nothing better than a massive marketing exercise that washes it’s own face.

4. Engage staff and stakeholders.

Why not enroll employees and partners in your brand’s moral high ground by giving the book away to mark a special milestone or significant time of year?

5. Purchase value add.

If your product/service mix includes a membership or annual subscription a book is perfectly priced to incentivise re-joining. They’re also perfect for increasing the size of an order. “Order 5 products and get this book valued at $29.95 absolutely free.”

6. Client retention or acquisition.

Books are at the perfect price point to be given away as a reward for signing up to a subscription or membership service.

7. Sales incentives for dealers, resellers and employees

Stop giving away umbrellas and coffee mugs that get thrown in the bin, give employees something they’ll actually keep.


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