One night a while ago I was absolutely dismayed to overhear Allie, my gorgeous, wonderful missus, on the phone to her mum pouring her heart out about ‘not measuring up as a mother’. She talked about how ‘it seemed to come so naturally to all the other mums who did it all so effortlessly’. Knowing Allie had been struck with the baby blues after our first child it worried me that I heard Allie ask her mum “Why do I feel flustered, freaked out, get angry or worry so much? Why did every mum just seem to do it better than me?”

I was stunned. I knew Allie was the best mum in the world because our two boys, Connor and Elliot, were happy, healthy and loved their mum more than a handful of Tiny Teddies. But I also knew just saying this to Allie wouldn’t be enough.

So I did what do best, I went out and bugged all the great mothers I could find to tell him their secrets, discoveries, confessions, feelings, failings and triumphs. Then I put them all these insights together in a book and presented it to Allie like a bouquet of 100 blooms, except every flower was an affirmation from another mum – one of her peers – that she was doing JUST FINE.

It did the job, Allie is back loving motherhood, and we’re thrilled to say we’re expecting bubby number three (here’s the scan below!)

What I Wish I Knew about Motherhood is a celebration of those wonderful days when you feel like you’re ‘born to be a mum’ and a tender companion for the ‘other days’ when you just want to curl up in the corner. It’s an inspirational read you can dip in and out of in those rare moments when things are peaceful enough to actually take a look at a book. As one of their friends said when she read it “It’s like a mothers group you can keep with you in your handbag.”

What I Wish I Knew about Motherhood gathers together new mums, grandmums, adoptive mums, surrogate mums and even a few ‘Mr Mums’, in a celebration of motherhood in all it’s contradictions. It’s a a collection of deeply profound insights and down to earth advice presented in a charming, touching and sometimes hilarious way. It’s real wisdom from real mums.

Spending an hour or two with What I Wish I Knew about Motherhood feels like a big, reassuring chat with your own mum or best friend while they whisper in your ear ‘You’re doing a great job.’ The gift of this book to your favourite mum will reassure her that it’s okay to struggle at times, and restore her confidence by reminding her that she is part of a long line of wonderful women who have done this before.

What I Wish I Knew about Motherhood is a delightful reminder of just how wonderful, frustrating and enriching motherhood can be. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and if you’re a man you’ll shake your head and say “I’ve got to ring my mum and thank her again.”