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What I Wish I Knew about Health & Fitness

 If you’re looking for yet another collection of cheesy, 1980s style motivational posters, do not read this book. If you like fitness books that feel like an army drill sergeant screaming in your ear: ‘drop and give me twenty, soldier’, do not read this book.

But if you’re looking for a book that feels like you belong to a supportive, encouraging fitness group who are all keen to share their wisdom and help you achieve your goals, then this is the book for you.

What I Wish I Knew about Health & Fitness is a book I wrote in collaboration with Australia’s most successful chain of health clubs, Fitness First. It gathers together individuals aging from 18 to 84, from all over Australia and all walks of life, who share their tips on everything from diet to dumbbells, from inspiration to perspiration, so we can all benefit from their hindsight.

The reason I know this book will work for you is that it worked for me. While writing it, I rediscovered my love of running. (Well, discovered for the first really.) When I was a kid at school I came last in my age running race every single year, that’s 12 years of absolutely dead, stinking  last. I think I run the hundred in about 16 seconds. And that’s if Ben Johnson slipped me some roids. As my Year 12 PE teacher used to say I’m ‘as slow as a wet week’. But interviewing all the people in this book made me realise that there’s a running race called life and it doesn’t care how fast you run, just how often you do.

I got right back into training, was running 4-5 times a week, and was the fittest I’ve ever been. I got so into it I ran the City2Surf and the Sydney Half Marathon. Rest assured I’ve calmed down since then, but the important thing is that exercise is now a regular part of my life – mainly because I found a reason why. I love this page by Paul Worsnop, it reminds me every day that I’m doing this for my kids and my wife as well as for myself.

So I can guarantee if you have a read of this book you’ll find some inspiration from someone in their 80s who has been training all their life,

some perspiration from someone who’s just started training again,

but even more importantly, you’ll find a whole lot of those deep down, quietly spoken truths about health & fitness that are the ones that stick in your mind and bring home what’s really important.

And as you hear all this ‘extraordinary wisdom from ordinary people’, and let them tell you their health & fitness story, I know you’ll start to think more deeply about your own journey and I this will help you lace up those shoes on the days when ‘you just don’t feel like it.’

What I Wish I Knew about Health & Fitness is a special edition only available here in the What I Wish I Knew Store and in Fitness First Clubs