What I Wish I Knew about Depression

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Okay, have a think back to when you found out you had depression. Remember the time leading up to it, the process of finding out, and how you reacted. Now imagine being able to go back and have a chat with your younger self about the whole thing... (One last little tip, before pressing the 'Send Email' button below please copy your text somewhere in case there's one of those 'OMG!' computer moments and your answers are lost.)

What advice would you give yourself about how to better accept your diagnosis?

Are there any insights you could pass on about how your life would change from now on?

Are there any mistakes you might have avoided?

In hindsight, what would you encourage yourself to do more of if you had your time over again?

Are there any practical tips you'd like to pass on?

If a close friend or relative had just found out they had depression, what advice would you give them about wrapping their mind around it?

A few people have mentioned that there has been positives to dealing with depression, has there been anything good come out of it for you?

What is something that someone who doesn't have the condition could never understand about how it affects your life?

If you could go back and give yourself just one piece of advice about dealing with depression, what would it be?

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